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Single and happy

So, all of your friends are happily married, enjoying a blissfully fulfilling relationship with their other half and doing all the nice and exciting things couples do together. Others, have created a cozy family life, adoring motherhood and all the amazing perks that come with it. Some of your girlfriends are just loving their relationship status, benefiting from romantic weekends away with their loved ones, while you are always the one who is on her own, spending time  withblissed out couples and feeling miserable in the process.

What if I was to tell you that there is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with being single? That we have been raised in a society that for many years has implanted in our DNA the cultural notion of a perfect suburban  family that is as idyllic as it is fake!

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There is nothing inherently wrong with being single

The thing is, though, that as humans we indeed are, by nature, social creatures and mating, having friends and being together with people is one of our basic needs. We establish that fact from birth, with babies desperately trying to bond with their mothers and seeking comfort from the adults in charge of their upbringing, to seeking mates at school, girlfriends in adolescence and partners for life in adulthood. We need to be amongst people, we need to communicate with others, exchange views, share opinions, dispute our ideas and socialize with colleagues, family members and friends.

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